Looking for Image Club Graphics?

Sadly, Image Club no longer exists. As a company, it ceased to be sometime between our purchase by Aldus in 1994 and our rebranding as Adobe Studios in 1998. However, there are still parts of this innovative direct marketing powerhouse and its digital content products scattered about the web.

Up until the middle of 2003, the Image Club Typeface Library and Image Club clip art products were available at EyeWire, a company originally formed out of the ashes of Adobe Studios and ultimately consumed by the Getty Images empire. Image Club clip art is still owned and controlled by Getty. Monotype now holds the keys to the Image Club type collection.

Looking for typefaces? Individual fonts from the Image Club Typeface Library are available through select distributors such as Linotype, Fonts.com, and FontShop.

If you’re looking for a specific volume of Image Club clip art on CD or one of the wonderful Circa Art vintage illustration collections, send a message to the email address below. Occasionally, ‘lightly used’ copies of these discs become available and may be purchased through the proprietor of this site.

For Sale! I have put together a price list of all previously enjoyed software titles I happen to have in the archive at the moment. This list changes frequently and includes titles from Image Club, EyeWire, Digital Vision, Adobe Image Library, Cartesia, Letraset, Artville, PhotoDisc, and others.
Download the current price list in Acrobat PDF format. [ Updated 14 Apr 2011 ]
Please contact me at the e-mail address below if you are interested in any of the items on this list.

And of course, I would remiss if I neglected to mention the current whereabouts of the founder of Image Club, Greg Kolodziejzyk. His adventures over the past several years are documented on his personal site.


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